Transport and environment- an important part

For us at Green L Equipment the environmental issue is constantly in our focus. We work really hard to be as good as we can be. We find it extremely important to constantly look at ourselves and what we do to be able to work towards a better and more sustainable future.
Physical examples of what we do to affect our work into something more environmental friendly are the high Euroclass we have on our vehicles. That we always wash our trucks and other equipment where the chemicals and oil is separated from the water. We do services at authorised workshops such as Scania, Volvo and DAF. And we also have our ISO- certificate where the environment is one of the most important aspects.
To continuesly have open dialouges between us in the workforce at the company regarding the environment and how we can be better at thinking green, plays a big part and we find these dialouges very successfull and it really increases our knowledge on the subject, which in turn gives us new and better solutions to become even better than we already are.